Operational control
Operational control

Operational control

The system performs information about all the activities connected with the operation of a specific object or a machine. It performs very simplified and effective customer interface. It gives the opportunity to extract statistic data and automatically generates MS Excel charts and graphs. It is compatible with popular Office applications and allows attachment and importing of unlimited number of external files.



  • Schedule initiation – contains full information about the annual schedule of the activities of operation of an object/machine. Unlimited number of reports can be created with every schedule.
  • Report – the report contains information about the implementation of the schedule, about the fulfilled and outstanding activities from the schedule, etc.
  • Inference protocol – the information is divided into three main parts: object, inference and inspectors. In the Inference protocol the inspected object is described, the conclusions that have been made, who has made the inspection, etc.
  • Prescribed measures – information about the prescribed measure, term of implementation and date of implementation. The system provides a signal whether the measure has been accomplished or not.
  • Nomenclatures – the nomenclatures are predefined and they can be expanded and edited at every time by an authorized personnel. The nomenclatures are used for faster and easier importing of data and reduction of syntactic mistakes during filling in the information.
  • File search – it possessed powerful tools for searching of words and phrases in every object in the database and in the attached text files. The search can be made by a word, date, author, etc. Every search can be saved for further usage.
  • Settings – administrative module for managing the roles and the rights of the personnel in the system.
  • Templates – the system supports a function for writing and exporting in MS Word and MS Excel of  Inference protocol, reports and data.