ISO Perfect
ISO Perfect

ISO Perfect

ISO Perfect is an integrated communicative system which creates, manages, controls and stores company’s documentation. ISO Perfect models in details the introduced in your organization Quality Management System, as conforming to the international standarts ISO and automates its elements and demands.


ISO Perfect holds a registration and a control section where the documentary indexes of the company are set up. The system automatically generates the number of the document according to pre-set stereotypes. Deadlines of implementation can be set tо every registered document and ISO Perfect controls them. The system operates as a passive observer as well as a communicator, while informing by various ways (e-mail, SMS, audibly and visually) for the controlled events, expired terms and tasks for implementation.

The document turnover section of ISO Perfect models the operative procedures and process cards, created in the company according to ISO standart and insures the information observation of every step of the working processes.

The documentary and archival module maintains in digital form all the samples of documents, which are used in the company – requests, orders, contracts, records, reports, etc. Every servant uses, fills in and prints from the system these documents that correspond to his business operational profile. Every document created by ISO Perfect is automatically registered, stored and archived in its original form and it could be later re-used, reproduced or audited.

ISO Perfect
is built up over the platform Lotus Domino&Notes of IBM, which assures the highest level of security, reliability and data protection. The system identifies every user not only with his user name and password, but with a private electronic signature. Every servant has pre-definite profiles, roles, access rights and functionality, corresponding to his job description. The system generates personal screens with the user’s entry, submitting him with intuitive user interface and navigation.

ISO Perfect possesses functionality that covers every specific requirements of the Quality Management System, according to ISO standarts: document management, records management, records register, register of contracts, document review, management of nonconforming product, corrective action, preventive actions, etc.

ISO Perfect insures:


  • Monitoring of the working processes;
  • Accurate documentation, according to ISO standarts;
  • Order and consistency of corporate knowledge;
  • Automated audits;
  • Digital and easy to use record, based on previously prepared samples (blanks);
  • Traceable and manageable processes;
  • Indexed archives with the possibility of fast search and finding of the relevant information.