Founded in 1997, Perfect Plus invests with priority in the creation of teams of professionals, which developed high-tech software solutions. Our teams are working into three main business lines – design, development and support of high-tech software products; consulting and management of projects and programs; and science research and innovations.


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Strategic directions

  • Research, analysis and design of integrated information solutions and systems
  • Development of specific software applications
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT custom solutions
  • Software development for Atmel and Freescale microcontrolers
  • Development and Implementation of company products
  • Systems integration and business process engineering and reengineering
  • Support, development and administration of IBM Domino & Notes systems
  • Marketing, implementation and support of IBM software products
  • Software for Tourism Industry
  • Highly qualified consultancy services
  • Development and management of project and programmes
  • Science research and innovations

 IBM Advanced Business Partner

         Perfect Plus is an ADVANCED IBM BUSINESS PARTNER