DocSys Perfect is an integrated, adaptive document system for operative management of business company or government administrative structure.


The system exploits the traditional as well as the most modern theories for management and control through monitoring and administration of document flows and arrays of client‘s organization.While by the ERP and MIS products, the management is based on numbers and quantity parameters, which are in most cases post fact of operative processes, DocSys Perfect focuses over incoming and outgoing current document units. This is carry into effect operative control preceding or attending the elaboration of results, nevertheless of their aspects. In this respect DocSys Perfect could be consider as a contra point of ERP and MIS for administrative structures and creative companies (consultancy, advertisement, design houses, engineering, development companies, science organizations etc.), where obviously a management based on operative current information is considerable more effective and in some cases only possible. From the other side the DocSys Perfect is a synergy system of ERP and MIS for production companies. The theoretic pedestals of DocSys Perfect are in the ground of every system for quality control. The quality in government administrations is defined by internal procedures and regulations, while in business sector are introduced quality systems of different character. In both cases the control is based on harmonious sets of document templates, control forms and predefined procedures. DocSys Perfect uses the same methodology, but of course in completely digital variant.


DocSys Perfect is with a heterogeneous, client-server, service oriented architecture (COA). Each adaptation of the system represents needed optimal set for client organization of functions and sub functions of system’s modules:

  • Document Management and Document Keeping
  • Document Turnover
  • Monitoring of Working Processes and Decision Control
  • Archive
  • Electronic Signature
  • Personnel
  • Invoicing
  • Recruitment
  • Knowledge Management
  • Marketing and CRM (Client Relationship Management)
  • Quality Control

Versions G 2.0 and М 2.0 of DocSys Perfect are special versions directed to management of respectively government and municipal administrative structures. There are possibilities to add to the conventional models of DocSys Perfect V 2.0specialized applications for administrations as:

  • Licensing, Permissions, Categorization and Registrations
  • Fees, Charges and Taxes
  • Inspections
  • Accidental Events and Incidents
  • Attestations
  • Library and Information Centers
  • International Collaboration
  • Registers etc.

The system modules of DocSys Perfect V G2.0 (М 2.0) can model all legislation requirements for lawfully functioning of each government administration. They realized optimal information provision on all management and operational levels and effective information services of citizens. The combination of DocSys Perfect and traditional system of quality control creates exceptionally effective mechanism for management and control.


The Advantages of SOA architecture of DocSys Perfect

  • Independent functioning of modules as autonomous systems;
  • Combination of different modules in “on demand” solutions, corresponding with the exact needs of the client. From the previously created modules you can use partially separated functionalities without implementation of the entire module;
  • Step by step implementation of the functional modules or supplement of the built-up solutions without interrupting the working process of the system. The concrete solution of each client organization could be created or supplemented according to the vision of the management;
  • Flexibility in correspondence with the vision of management and elaborated time tables, guarantying robust functionality of overall system;
  • Adaptability and operative variations – flexibility and reliability;
  • Integrity – single time input of information and usage everywhere it is needed.

DocSys Perfect uses as a base platform the “middleware” software of IBM Lotus Domino and Notes, which if it is needed, could be reinforced or integrated with relational database management system (RDBMS – DB2, Oracle, Informix) or with solutions like IBM Enterprise Content Manager, Tivoli Storage Manager etc. This allows integration and effective modeling of working processes, using in parallel all needed modules DocSys Perfectunites the information sections and information flows in one uniform information space. It provides integrated environment for preservation, management and exchange, which allows to monitor and track the movement of information, structured in different type of document units. By this way the system realizes a reliable control and effective operative management.



  • Centralized monitoring of working processes and decision control;
  • Higher performance, better communication, improved team efficiency and faster process for decision making;
  • Effective repeated usage of information, easy share access to documents and fast search of concrete document or information;
  • Unification and standardization of document management, document turnover and archive processes in overall organization – imposing of uniform document indexes, unify processes of registration, management and achieving of company documentation, incoming-outgoing correspondence, operative documents etc.
  • Management of knowledges, projects and funds;
  • Possibility for centralized management of geographically dislocated structures and consolidation of information at a central level;
  • Immediate distribution of content and documents to the geographically dislocated structures and automotive synchronization and replication of changes;
  • Centralized support, archiving, administration and data recovery.