Sizif Server
Sizif Server

Sizif Server

Inspired by our clients we have put together a small, compact, SMB-focused server to serve your needs. Our specialized product is capable of dealing with your day-to-day tasks that require server storage and high speed.
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Energy efficient

Reduce your electricity costs 10 times without giving up on quality. 
Our solution consumes only 50W!

Small and silent

There are no noise producing elements inside the server and it still won't overheat!
Dimensions: 40х20х25sm


Sizif Perfect is highly productive and guarantees huge uptime. Clients can rest assured that their system is secured and their applications are working with no interruption.



Basic configuration:

  • Quad core Intel(R) @ 1.99GHz                                                 
  • 2x1TB HDD 7200 rpm
  • 8GB DDR3                                                                             
  • 1GB NIC


3 years warranty!


Price: 749lv


Options for upgrade:
  •  16GB DDR3 + 59lv
  •  2х2TB HDD 7200 rpm + 94lv
  •  2.5” Disk Bay – 2 HotPlug HDDs - an easier way to switch the hard drives in case of an accident + 79lv


Sizif Perfect + Linux*

Uprgade the basic functionality and get Sizif Perfect with preinstalled and preconfigured Linux OS that comes with:

Security - protect your information by doubling the two disks through a software RAID. In case of a breakdown in one of the disks, the server continues working without interruption and sends an email and SMS notification of the issue.

  • Samba Windows File Sharing – share securely and freely files between your coworkers
  • Samba Printer Sharing – automatically share your printers, attached to the server
  • Free wireless connection through a VPN if needed for support
  • Periodical and free software update


*In case the customer wants to have Windows installed and still use the software RAID, it will be necessary to purchase a controller and a small SSD for a total price of 120lv.

You get 1 month of free test of your software and can request modifications.

PRICE: 949lv




*All prices are without VAT.

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